Engaging with material & medial losses in the archive and library

Midterm Conference, MWW Research Association
14/15 October 2021, German Literature Archive Marbach

Dealing with lost or damaged objects, or objects that actually cannot be archived, is a central aspect of the work in literature archives, libraries and museums. What cannot be archived? What has to be reconstructed? How can digitisation and digital methods support that process and where do the limits of such approaches make themselves felt? Furthermore, the volume of literary born-digital objects in archival holdings is increasing. How can institutions ensure the long-term storage and accessibility of such digitally created objects?

Engagement with material and medial losses in archives and libraries is the focus of this year’s MWW Midterm Conference (14-15 October 2021 at the German Literature Archive in Marbach). The conference aims to bring together and discuss interrelating questions, approaches, and case studies from a range of Humanities disciplines.

Please note that, due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the conference may have to take place online. 

 Conference program