Virtual Collection Space

We are developing the Virtual Collection Space as a work and presentation space for reconstructing and visualising collection contexts. This will enable new access to collections in addition to schematic catalogue views. The MWW network’s → case studies and → research groups work in close collaboration on developing digital tools for indexing collections, as well as presenting and communicating research findings on the digital collection. These can also provide a foundation for future research projects and the integration of further collections.

In conjunction with the → Virtual Research Space and the → cross-collection search, the Virtual Collection Space brings together metadata from heterogeneous collections in different data collection systems between institutions and links them to other data sources. Using this as a basis, the Virtual Collection Space will enable researchers to document connections between collections and to make historical collector networks visible once again. This makes it possible to digitally reconstruct and explore collections and objects in relation to provenance, as well as to diverse procurement methods and dynamic development processes.

Former Staff

  • Hans Clausen
  • Stefan Alschner