Digital Publication Platform

The MWW Research Association is responding to the far-reaching changes in the area of academic publishing by creating its own open-access publication platform and integrating it into the → Virtual Research Room. The new publication area will enable users to access all academic publications by MWW staff in digital form. In addition to digital first- and second-edition publications, the platform will also include essays and multimedia formats, e.g. recordings of presentations and working papers. Research data management is another focus of this subproject.

The motivation behind these efforts is to allow researchers to quickly publish their findings in a contemporary manner and depict the entire research cycle. The well-established e-journal of the MWW Research Association, the → Zeitschrift für digitale Geisteswissenschaften (ZfdG), will be integrated into the publication platform as a best-practice example for new digital publications.

Former Staff

  • Torsten Kahlert