Virtual Research Space

The Virtual Research Space (VRS) offers researchers – regardless of their location – digital access to the collections of the three partner institutions and interactive, computer-aided working possibilities for methodically innovative research perspectives. The VRR thereby serves as a digital portal for accessing and collaborating on the research projects of the MWW and the partner institutions.

Project-specific labs offer research teams a set of tools designed to digitally aid communication and collection-based research on a wide range of topics, e.g. establishing a corpus of works, conducting analysis and evaluation processes and publishing research findings. The aim is to continually incorporate additional tools into the Virtual Research Room which address the needs of the individual projects and ultimately all research activities based on the TaDiRAH taxonomy.

The MWW case studies see themselves as fields of application for already developed digital processes. At the same time, they generate important impulses for the further development of the VRR from a research and application-based perspective.

Former Staff

  • Uschi Schmidt
  • Christiane Müller