Digital Makerspace

The Digital Makerspace presents an experimental space for hybrid – i.e. analog and digital – engagement with and communication of digitized and digital collection objects. Its spatial concept of narrative and discursive collection mediation aims to complement the Virtual Research Space (VFR), which focuses on digital research tools, and the Virtual Collection Space (VSR), which focuses on the presentation of digital collections.  

The physical realization of the Digital Makerspace in the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek not only addresses researchers in the narrower sense. Rather, it will be available to all interested groups, including the general public, and these groups will be addressed through its program. As a result, the Digital Makerspace also represents an innovative form of science communication.

In addition, the Digital Makerspace will seek trans- and interdisciplinary as well as inter-institutional collaborations, which will employ processes, approaches, and lines of development of digital collection mediation in an experimental and open-ended way. In doing so, the Digital Makerspace enables reflection on methodological, technical, epistemological, and sociological questions associated with collection.  

A program of events with different workshop formats will accompany these aims. A particular focus lies on documenting and presenting results, which will enable the ongoing and transparent, results-based development of the program.

The Digital Makerspace is a project of the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association and the Klassik Stiftung Weimar.

Former Staff 

  • Ben Kaden
  • Tim Köhler