Literature Data and Digital Literature

An international summer school

in partnership with the project textklang (University of Stuttgart)

31 July to 11 August 2023 
German Literature Archive Marbach

Digital Literature and Literature Data

Steadily and rapidly growing digital collections pose new challenges for archives and libraries. Questions of digital accessibility and the exploration of large literary corpora, the technical long-term archiving of collections, digital provenance research, and documentation in digital catalogs arise, as do questions about the generation, storage, curation, networking, provision, and processing of (meta-)data, which themselves hold great research potential. The international and interdisciplinary summer school offers a framework for exploring the potential of digital approaches for one's own research questions and for discussing them with international experts. Seminars will be held by Frank Fischer, Matthew Handelman, John Mark Ockerbloom, Andrea Rapp and Annika Rockenberger, among others. The Summer School's public keynote lectures by Tobias Blanke, Katherine Bode, Stephanie Catani, Melanie Wald-Fuhrmann and Allison Parrish will also be streamed. The conference language is English.


  • Monday, 31. July, 19:30: Computational creativity and generative literature - an introduction, Stephanie Catani (Würzburg)
  • Tuesday, 1. August, 19:30: Data making as textual practice in digital literary studies, Katherine Bode (Canberra, Australia)
  • Thursday, 03. August, 19:30: "Digital Literature". Reading and a conversation with Lukas Diestel (Wuppetal) and Berit Glanz (Reykjavik, Iceland). Moderation: Dîlan Canan Çakir, Rebecca Sturm (both DLA)
  • Tuesday, 08. August, 09:00: Artificial Intelligence and (digital) humanities - Where are we and where should we go, Tobias Blanke (London, UK)
  • Tuesday, 08. August, 19:00: Writing poetry at machine learning's periphery, Allison Parrish (Brooklyn, USA)
  • Wednesday, 09. August, 14:00: Computer-aided analysis of music recordings: How well can computers hear? Christof Weiß (Würzburg Germany)

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Dîlan Canan Çakir – Research Associate MWW – German Literature Archive Marbach
Anna Kinder – Head of Research – German Literature Archive Marbach
Felix Dieterle – Research Associate “textklang” – German Literature Archive Marbach
Rebecca Sturm – Research Associate “textklang” – German Literature Archive Marbach

Organization und Coordination

Birgit Wollgarten – Research Secretariat – German Literature Archive Marbach 
Marie Limbourg – Coordinator MWW Research Association – German Literature Archive Marbach 


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