Publications and conferences

The first funding phase of the MWW Research Association (2013–2019) was accompanied by two events which highlighted the entire project. On 19 May 2014, a kick-off event at the Thuringian State Representative Office in Berlin invited an internationally distinguished panel and two hundred participants to discuss relevant themes in the current scientific landscape such as internationalisation and the challenges of the “digital turn”. The concluding event took place on 17 and 18 September 2018 in cooperation with the Volkswagen Stiftung at Schloss Herrenhausen near Hannover. Entitled “Researching Collections – Five Years of the MWW Research Association: Results and Perspectives”, we took stock of our accomplishments and examined the development and application of digital methods for collection research.

In addition to project-specific publications by our staff, which you can find in the respective sections of our website, the first funding phase produced the three following MWW publications based on results of international conferences:

  • Gleixner, Ulrike; Baum, Constanze; Münkner, Jörn; Rößler, Hole (Hg.): Biographien des Buches, Reihe: Kulturen des Sammelns. Akteure, Objekte, Medien, Bd. 1, Göttingen: Wallstein 2017.
  • Höppner, Stefan; Jessen, Caroline; Münkner, Jörn; Trenkmann, Ulrike (Hg.), mit einem Vorwort von Reinhard Laube: Autorschaft und Bibliothek. Sammlungsstrategien und Schreibverfahren, Reihe: Kulturen des Sammelns. Akteure, Objekte, Medien, Bd. 2, Göttingen: Wallstein 2018.
  • Burschel, Peter; Gleixner, Ulrike; Lüneburg, Marie v.; Steyer, Timo (Hg.): Forschen in Sammlungen. Dynamiken Transformationen Perspektiven. Reihe: Kulturen des Sammelns. Akteure, Objekte, Medien; Bd. 3, Göttingen: Wallstein (in Vorbereitung).