International Summer School 2015

World Literature, Global Archives
26. Juli bis 7. August 2015, DLA Marbach

From 26 July till 7 August 2015 twenty international scholarship holders had the opportunity to discuss different concepts of world literature with scholars from Russia, China, Germany and the USA, and to examine the premises of contemporary literary and scholarly debate. 

What does it mean to discuss literature amid the tensions between globalisation and regionalisation, internationalisation and nationalisation, the centre and its periphery? Within which frame of reference is literature not only written, marketed, translated, and received, but also archived and collected? To what extent is the idea of world literature shaped by the nineteenth century and by the modern literary age − which concepts are applicable to intellectual configurations previous to 'Goethezeit'? Which early modern educational concepts is Wieland invoking when he speaks of ‘world literature’ before Goethe?

The summer school addressed topics of current academic debate within the setting of the archive, the library, the museum, in the form of collection, categorisation, interpretation, and the presentation of unique historical testimony and objects. 

Guest lecturers: Andrea Albrecht (University of Stuttgart), Zhao Baisheng (University of Beijing), Alexander Belobratow (Saint Petersburg State University), Mark-Algee Hewitt (Stanford University), Fabian Lampart (University of Freiburg), Gerhard Lauer (University of Göttingen), Markus Messling (Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin), Sandra Richter (University of Stuttgart), Liliane Weissberg (University of Philadelphia) and others.




Audio Files of the evening lectures

Interviews with guest lecturers

"Fantastic international Dialogue"

The Stuttgart-based professor of German Literature Sandra Richter (© Nicole Alexander)

Interview with Sandra Richter

Sandra Richter, professor of German Literature at the University of Stuttgart and guest lecturer at the summer school, about Goethe's ambivalent view of the phenomenon of "world literature", the author as a hybrid being, and the scholarship recipients' fascination with German contemporary writers.  

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"Marbach is addictive"

Professor of Literature Liliane Weissberg teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. © Nicole Alexander

Interview with Liliane Weissberg

With the German-American literary scholar Liliane Weissberg we spoke about crossing boundaries in archives, the challenges of supervising dissertations and her wishes for the next International Summer Schools in Weimar and Wolfenbüttel.

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Reports of Participants

"In Marbach I breathe Literature"

Amira Fetian in front of the Schiller-Nationalmuseum in Marbach.
(c) Nicole Alexander

By Amira Fetian

At the end of July 2015, Amira Fetian from Egypt arrived in Swabia to participate at the two-week MWW International Summer School on the topic “World Literature, Global Archives” at the German Literature Archive Marbach. A travel report.

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"I finally see myself as a researcher"

Xiaocui Qiu with the Literaturmuseum der Moderne in the background.
(c) Nicole Alexander

By Xiaocui Qiu

Xiaocui Qiu has just arrived from China. As part of the MWW’s International Summer School 2015 on “World Literature, Global Archives”, she spent two weeks at the German Literature Archive where she was allowed to hold Enzensberger’s original manuscripts in her hands. 

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