Goethe Digital

Since March 2019, the project “Goethe Digital” has created an authorial library collection room, in which Goethe’s private library and the books he borrowed from the ducal library (HAAB) in Weimar are digitally documented. Researchers are now developing a prototype of a → virtual collection room, containing data-level references to exemplary books, manuscripts and other objects and information on their relationships to one another. Parts of Goethe’s writings on his colour theory serve as the basis. In addition to creating other visualisations, the project provides data for 3-D depictions of the library and the workroom in the Goethe Residence, the efforts of which are being supervised by the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek (HAAB) and the Goethe National Museum. The researchers are also expanding the digital catalogue “Goethe Bibliothek Online” to include data on books which no longer belong to the Goethe estate. In accompanying articles and a monograph, we continue to shed light on the profile and history of Goethe’s private library.

“Goethe Digital” is the follow-up project to “Goethe’s Libraries in Weimar”, funded by the MWW from April 2014 to February 2019.

Former Staff

  • Stefan Höppner
  • Ida Schneider
  • Ulrike Trenkmann