The MWW Research Association has organised three exhibitions showcasing its projects, ensuring greater public awareness of its activities and providing insight into the full spectrum of its collections. Current developments in the humanities and cultural studies apply to a diverse range of objects which are preserved in the archives, libraries and museums of the three MWW partner institutions. Not only do they possess an unparalleled collection of manuscripts and prints, but they contain an extensive complex of objects, from drawings, photos and sculptures to more unusual specimens, such as inkwells, typewriters, suitcases and death masks.

Here you can find the flyer for the three exhibitions.

All three exhibitions were accompanied by event and lecture programmes. They garnered remarkable media coverage in superregional press, radio and television, and attracted a correspondingly high number of visitors (Wolfenbüttel: 6,000, Marbach: 17,200, Weimar/Munich 100,000). You can view the exhibitions in digital form in the Virtual Research Room of the MWW.