Fame: The Migration of an Idea through Modernity

Ursula Kundert in conversation with Dirk Werle

Literary scholar, Dirk Werle’s book on fame and modernity, Ruhm und Moderne. Eine Ideengeschichte (1750-1930), was published last year. Ursula Kundert interviewed the author about his most recent work. The interview is available as an audio file.

Literary scholar Dirk Werle. © Leonhard Herrmann

In the interview with Ursula Kundert, who leads the MWW’s Text and Frame research project, Dirk Werle explains why speaking about fame crosses genres and how it is becoming a category in its own right within writing on literary history. He discusses the ways in which dealing with the issue of fame can be a history not only of seeking fame, but also of losing it, or of the futile pursuit of it. Is there such thing as the unrecognised genius?

Here is the audio file of the interview (in German).

Prof. Dirk Werle heads the Modern German Literature Department (with a focus on the Early Modern period) at the University of Heidelberg. He is also one of the organizers of the international working discussion “Encyclopedic Narrative and Pre-Modern Poetics of the Novel (1400-1700)”, which takes place from 14th-16th October at the Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel (HAB).

Associate professor Dr. Ursula Kundert leads the MWW’s Text and Frame research project. She will present a lecture on “Serial Experience: Collections of Legends as Encyclopedic Narratives” at the above-mentioned international working discussion at the HAB. Along with Prof. Bernd Bastert (Ruhr University, Bochum), she will also present the new edition and the digital version of "Herpin".

Find out more about Werle’s book here (in German).