From Newspaper Rumour to Card Game: The Intermedial "Faust"

Carsten Rohde

Goethe’s Faust first appeared in an imaginary medium – a rumour. In 1777/78, various journals in Germany printed stories claiming that Lessing, as well as Goethe, were writing poetic works about that late medieval “arch sorcerer” and practitioner of  “black magic” who was poised to become...

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»Doktor Faust«, Theaterzettel einer Aufführung aus dem Jahre 1811, ohne Ortsangabe © Klassik Stiftung Weimar / HAAB

Goodbye Weimar!

Alexander Mortimore

So, the end of a very enjoyable and enriching stay in Weimar beckons. As the old adage goes, time flies when you’re having fun! It certainly doesn’t seem too long since I landed in Erfurt.

Since my last entry, I have travelled to Wolfenbüttel with members of the KSW. There, I had a tour...

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Goethes „Home-Office"


Swantje Dogunke

Digital 3-D modelling can be useful for presenting the results of projects funded by the MWW Research Association. A digital rendering of Goethe’s library, for example, can reveal his classification of knowledge, or a virtual exhibition of all the Goethe busts can provide a direct and more...

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One step on the way to a 3-D scan.