MWW goes Washington

By Stefan Höppner

The German Studies Association’s annual conference (GSA) is the biggest German Studies congress in North America. From 1st till 4th October this year, over a thousand scholars gathered in the US capital, Washington DC, to discuss the latest research on German culture and history. This was an ideal forum for the MWW Research Association to present its latest findings to the academic community in its very own section of the conference dedicated to "Research in Collections".

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View of the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument. © Stefan Höppner

“They're always advertising photos" – the portrait of an author from a photographer's point of view

Hole Rößler speaks with Susanne Schleyer

The Frankfurt Book Fair kicks off in the middle of October, the annual highlight of the literature market, for which publishing houses prepare months in advance. But content alone is not the only factor that determines a book’s success. It’s also important that the author is well-received by his or her audience.

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Staging Pure - the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, deep in garbage bags. © Susanne Schleyer /

A Diversity of Manuscripts in the Grip of Angled Brackets

By Hanne Grießmann

It is a challenge, but it is worth it: as part of the Text and Frame research project, psalm manu-scripts and prints from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Era are being encoded in compliance with TEI standards to make them machine-readable. On this digital basis, the captured texts can be analysed with the aid of computers and can be used across disciplines. Hanne Grießmann reports on the progress.

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The psalter Herzog August Bibliothek, Cod. Guelf. 81.10 Aug. 2° is one of the manuscripts which are being encoded in compliance with TEI standards.

MWW goes Shanghai

By Carsten Rohde

The 13th International Association of German Studies Congress (IVG) took place in Shanghai at the end of August. For a week, scholars and researchers from around the world discussed German language and literature in the Asian megacity. Of course, the MWW Research Association was there too.

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Clear to see: poster for the IVG’s 13th congress on the campus of Tongji University in Shanghai (© Carsten Rohde)

History books for the Lutherian Cause

By Dietrich Hakelberg

One of the oldest printed library catalogues was recently discovered at the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel. The single-leaf print from 1575 recorded a generous donation with hidden depths.

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A unique catalogue in poster format: this single-leaf print from 1575 records Carl Wolfgang Rehlinger’s generous donation of books to Augsburg’s preacher [Augsburg: Valentin Schönig, 1575]. (Herzog August Library, Wolfenbüttel: Bc Kapsel 19 [7].

“I finally see myself as a researcher"

By Xiaocui Qiu

For those studying Hans Magnus Enzensberger, all paths eventually lead to Marbach. Xiaocui Qiu has just arrived from China. As part of the MWW’s International Summer School 2015 on “World Literature, Global Archives”, she spent two weeks at the German Literature Archive where she was allowed to hold Enzensberger’s original manuscripts in her hands. In the following, she explains how fortunate she is to be inside a treasure house of literature.

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Xiaocui Qiu with the Literaturmuseum der Moderne in the background. (c) Nicole Alexander

"In Marbach I breathe Literature"

By Amira Fetian

At the end of July 2015, Amira Fetian from Egypt arrived in Swabia to participate at the two-week MWW International Summer School on the topic “World Literature, Global Archives” at the German Literature Archive Marbach. A travel report.

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Amira Fetian in front of the Schiller-Nationalmuseum in Marbach. (c) Nicole Alexander

“Marbach is addictive”

Interview conducted by Nicole Alexander

Liliane Weissberg has been a lecturer at the International Summer School at the German Literature Archive Marbach for many years, an event organised by the MWW for the first time this year. We spoke with the German-American literary scholar about crossing boundaries in archives, the challenges of supervising dissertations and her wishes for the next International Summer Schools in Weimar and Wolfenbüttel.

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Professor of Literature Liliane Weissberg teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. © Nicole Alexander

“Fantastic international dialogue”

Interview conducted by Nicole Alexander

The MWW organised a two-week International Summer School on the topic of “World Literature, Global Archives”, which is currently taking place at the German Literature Archive Marbach. In the following interview with Sandra Richter, professor of German Literature at the University of Stuttgart and guest lecturer at the summer school, she discusses Goethe’s ambivalent view of the phenomenon of “world literature”, the author as a hybrid being, and the scholarship recipients’ fascination with German contemporary writers.

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Die Stuttgarter Literaturprofessorin Sandra Richter (© Nicole Alexander)

The teachings of the West African porcupine

Timo Steyer

After three years of collaboration, humanities scholars and IT experts from the Digital Humanities Research Collaboration held their closing conference in Göttingen. Timo Steyer from the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association (MWW) took part and discovered much common ground with his work at the MWW.

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Semantic web technologies enable different resources to be connected virtually. See for example this description of the West African porcupine as part of the Semantic Blumenbach project. The image is taken from Dr Jörg Wettlaufer's Powerpoint presentation about the project. Available at: [Viewed: 05.06.2015]